May 23, 2023

Credit and public markets

Hi everyone 

I had a quick question. I am wondering how involved is Corporate Banking and DCM with the everyday happenings of the public markets. I am super interested in the public markets and investing/analyzing companies as it was a defining factor into me being interested in finance and I want to pursue a career that would revolve around the public markets.

Naturally I thought of ER given how it revolves around the markets and investing however I am also super interested in checking out credit as a career. So I was wondering if credit is still revolved around the markets enough to satisfy my interest or if should I just try to go to equity research

I also have to say that I am not super infatuated by deals/transaction side of finance compared to the public markets/investing

I apologize if I am using the wrong forum for this question but thought I would ask here

Are you in corp banking/ DCM rn? If so then obviously check out public credit, high yield, fixed income. High yield is equity-like so it is the most company-research heavy

I am not. Im a student, just tryna figure out which direction i should head into for my career

Could you tell me more about high yield and public credit please? Or refer me to sources or forums where I can?

I'm no expert here, but high-yield is equity-like because the default probability is obviously higher, so analysts focus more on loss severity. (Unlike IG analysts who rarely ever analyze and model loss severity). Therefore, HY analysts focus more on individual companies, financial statements and their individual positionings, which makes HY equity-like. Imo that's the most interesting field in public credit and discretionary credit research, cuz of 1) Aforementioned equity-like characteristics, and 2) High risk high reward and 3) US IG i.e., treasuries is the most efficient market in the world (look it up, there are reams of evidence to support this. US liquid treasuries are deadass more efficient than US large cap equities, all managers in this space converge to the avg, barely any diff between a top quartile manager and the bottom quartile manager)

I'm just throwing suggestions at you based off what you said you like btw (you said you like analyzing companies and public markets so I suggested HY)

Idk too much about sources or books on public credit because I'm an equities guy (guilty there - shld defo read more outside of the equities space). Fabozzi's Handbook on Fixed Income Securities is usually the go-to in the credit space but I fear that it may be too dense

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