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+3Future of Equity Research - 12+ Months into MIFID II


Just came out a client meeting on the dynamics of the Equity Research industry following the implementation of the industry killer aka MIFID II. Here are a few insights: Pros: i) Due to the changes in fee structure and the quarterly evaluation of research providers by the buyside, banks are...

+2Need some career advice for undegrad junior without SA internship offers


Hi. I am a non-US citizen (from Asia) going to one of Ivy Leagues with 3.6~ GPA majoring in stats and econ. I have had two internships in the past (one in a long-biased asset management firm back in my country and one that is related to real estate). I am very passionate about equity...

+1Healthcare - best sub-sector for exit opps?


In healthcare <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr>, which sub-sector (healthcare IT + distr., facilities + managed care, biotech, pharma, life science tools and diagnostics, med tech) provide the best exit opps? How do they differ across the sub-sectors? Which...

+1Confused about deferrals in EA/TTWO/ATVI


Last semester of college brings a lot of free time, so I've been studying the video game industry in the meantime... Sorry if this is generally common sense. What exactly does "impact of GAAP deferrals" mean as stated in ATVI's releases? For instance, in Q3, GAAP net...

+1LBS Master of Financial Analysis Interview


I have received an interview invite. I was wondering if there is anyone who can share their insights about the interview process. What kind of questions should expect? are there any situational/behavioral based questions? Do they reject a lot of people at the interview stage?

+1Football field graph - how to reach min and max DCF values?


Hello everyone, I'm a junior monkey trying to learn how to properly compose a football field graph and I'm looking for insight into what makes a successful one. Which variables should I take into account and what ranges should I be looking at to get proper min and max values for the...

+1Recommendations: Academic Research


Hey everyone, I'm currently searching for a topic for my bachelor thesis and I am planning to read some academic research to get a sense of what other people in the finance world write about. Since I am unsure where to start, I'd appreciate recommendations on papers you enjoyed...

+1MD in biotech ER: long term career advice


Hi guys- just wanted to get your opinions on career trajectory long term. To give some background I just started working in <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> as an associate in biotech. I have an MD and just finished my internal medicine residency in the summer,...

+1Anyone know any remote equity research internships/companies that hire remote interns?


Hello I'm looking for entry level remote equity research internships/positions and was wondering if anyone knows any specific companies that hire remote <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> interns? I don't care about the pay (as long as I could get at least...

+12.4 GPA, non-target school, previous e/r intern, NEED NETWORKING ADVICE


Hey guys, I have 2.4 GPA, attend a non-target school, secured an e/r internship in a boutique investment management firm last fall, and I'm having a hard time getting another internship for this coming summer... looking for creative advice and tricks about networking (anything other than...

0Need career advice.. PLEASE help


I've read many threads on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> that dealt with career advice, but was hoping to get some input on my situation. Background: went to a non-target private school in the south (decent reputation and ranked business school) and...

0Equity/Credit Research Bonus Discussion


There's currently a bonus forum going around on the banking forum, would be great if we could get something similar going for research so we can all get a pulse on where everyone stands. Try to stick with the following format: Title: Rank: Bank Size: Base/Bonus:

0Biotech Equity Research with no Science background


Hi all, I recently finished up an <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> stint @ a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> and received a full-time offer. I have been...

0The Joyous Process of Hiring


This is more so letting me vent, so bare with me here. I've begun the process of hiring a few new analysts, and it amazes me that the job postings spell out VERY SPECIFIC base requirements and people just ignore this. Now, I'm not talking about "minimum 5 years...