Best summer suits / dress shirts?

It’s officially getting hot again in the city - as someone who naturally runs warm, looking for some good suits / shirts to help stay as cool as possible. Is it as simple as buying the lightest weight fabrics? Or are there any special undershirts out there for excessive sweat? (To get ahead of the obvious suggestions, currently rocking a low bf% and rhr so fitness is not the problem here)

I know this is gonna get moved to the fashion forum but figured it would get more eyeballs here.


Based on the most helpful WSO content, here are some detailed recommendations for summer suits and dress shirts to help you stay cool:


  1. Fabric Choice:

    • Virgin Wool and Linen Blend: Ideal for summer, as linen is breathable and helps keep you cool.
    • Mohair/Cashmere Blend: Suitable for cooler summer evenings or air-conditioned environments.
    • Soft Virgin Wool: Lightweight and breathable, making it a good option for summer suits.
  2. Weight and Super Count:

    • Lighter Fabrics: Opt for fabrics with a lower weight and higher super count (e.g., Super 150+). These are smoother and more aesthetically pleasing while being lighter and cooler.
  3. Discount Shopping:

    • Look for discounts and buy suits at the end of the season to get high-quality materials at a lower price.

Dress Shirts:

  1. Material:

    • 100% Egyptian Cotton: Brands like Prada offer these shirts, which feel like T-shirts on your skin and are excellent for managing sweat.
    • Performance Dress Shirts: Look for shirts with a high cotton content and noticeable stretch. Synthetic blends with 4-way stretch are great for wicking away moisture and keeping you cool.
  2. Fit:

    • Ensure the shirt fits well without being too tight, as a tight fit can restrict movement and increase sweating.
  3. Undershirts:

    • Light Undershirts: V-necks are recommended to avoid a sloppy look. Make sure they are long enough to stay tucked in and avoid bunching.
    • Moisture-Wicking Fabrics: Consider undershirts made from moisture-wicking materials to help manage sweat.

Additional Tips:

  • Casual Fridays: Ease into wearing more casual attire like jeans, but observe the office culture first.
  • Minimal Wardrobe: Stick with essential items like 2-3 suits, 10 dress shirts, and 5 undershirts to start.

By focusing on these fabric choices and fit recommendations, you can stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

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