Suit & Shoe Advice for FT

Looking to make some sensible purchases before I start FT in September, trying to roughly budget now to work out what can be spent on enjoying the end of uni! 

I had a look through a few posts on here for advice, just wanted to check still up to date and query colour.

From previous posts seems like Suitsupply is the best pick, checked website and discovered there are multiple slim fit styles: Washington, Havana, Lazio?? Didn't realise that was a thing so any pointers appreciated. 

Secondly, navy appears to be colour of choice, what sort of navy? I have a suit a similar colour to this: BOSS - Slim-fit suit in micro-patterned traceable stretch wool ( would that be wearable ?

Am assuming darker and more this Navy Havana Suit ( is better?  Is navy the only safe  option, would be my preference but i'd happily where something else if it was in the sale?

Shoes, I know to wear black, Oxfords ? Loakes and Meermin came up a lot, Meermin don't seem to have a physical branch in London, are they stocked in other shops? ( Apologies if that's a stupid question).

Finally- ties, own a couple of ~£20 TK Maxx purchased ones, that likely to do the job?

Any input appreciated

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  • Associate 1 in ER

Pretty spot on on everything you mentioned.

SuitSupply definitely has the best quality-price. Fit depends on your body shape. Lazio fit was perfect for me and I had just one alteration.

The SuitSupply navy colour is better, but the blue colour you provided is suitable. Navy & charcoal are the most suitable colours.

The TKMaxx ties should be fine. As long as they aren't skinny ties or are wacky prints/colours.

10mo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I would suggest brioni for suits. Hermes ties are pretty hyped, mostly because of their prestige. For very high quality ties check out brunati como.

For tighter budget suitsupply is absolutely fine. I like their travel suits.

TheBuellerBanker, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Love brioni but the price diff between them and suitsupply is like1600 at minimum.

Keliyedes, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Every month, we hold informal style sessions for Friends of The Rake who are interested in sharpening their suit & shoe game. The following is a distilled transcript of a talk we hosted with a chap named Tom Johnstone, founder of Mr. Porter UK. Tom was previously at GQ and Esquire and has written the books Suits You: A Guide To Quality Men's shoes and Style and The Art Of Looking Chic: Stylish Men's Fashion Tips From A Man Who Knows.

bigorange2000, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Similar budget to suit supply but if you're UK based it's worth visiting Charles Tyrwhitt stores. Good quality and affordable suits, plus they'll do a fitting so you won't have to worry with returns etc online. Usually have some nice ties and shirts in there too.

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justanothermonkey_, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Just the worst advice i've ever heard. What happens when your body changes shape? Also, more importantly, gotta know your place at work, especially as a first year. I could make the argument that buying a $2,000 suit does more harm than good - best case scenario someone knows you wasted a lot of money on a suit to try and impress people, worst case scenario everyone thinks youre a douche for buying a $2,000 suit to wear to work while everyone else in your class with the same salary opted for the $600 brooks option.

Think an underrated option is finding a department store with a special sale, figuring out which suit gives you the best value considering price and fit, and then bringing it to a reputable tailor. Brooks brothers, nordstrom, saks and saks off fifth, neiman marcus last call, and others should have stuff available. Another good option is to buy a made to measure and order 2 pairs of pants and 1 jacket - pants tend to wear pretty quickly but jackets last pretty long.

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  • Intern in IB - Gen

I'm 1 of 8 analysts in my team who dress on the pricier side, with shoes, ties and watches being the most obvious. I've only been complimented on such items, I don't think people care. Even on the occasional Friday where we do come in, I still dress better than the most of the other juniors. I've been into fashion since I was a kid and if I can afford to buy items I want, why would I not?

Wear whatever the fuck you want (as long as your clothes/shoes/accessories aren't blatantly out of your price bucket), people will be quick to comment regardless of how good/bad/cheap/expensive your shit is. Some people prefer to spend their money going out, others want to spend it on their appearance, some want to live in an overpriced apartment…it's your money and up to you how to spend it.

On a price-budget basis I'd go with Allen Edmonds shoes, suitsupply suit, eton shirts, all of which should be enough for you to not think about updating your wardrobe until you get promoted (provided you still fit your clothes). As for ties, go with what you like (as long as width>7cm).

BankerW2007, what's your opinion? Comment below:

The suit style doesn't matter as long as it's basic (single breasted two-piece), just make sure you have two (one navy and one grey, make sure they are dark colours, the Boss one your posted is on the lighter side) and that they fit nicely and are very comfortable. You will be wearing them a lot so don't sacrifice comfort for style. For shoes go with any black oxford (also get two pairs, some shoe polish and shoe trees) that fits nicely and that you like the shape of. I've seen people wear horrible shirts and shoes and they all get away with it so don't stress about it too much. Also ties really don't matter, doubt you'll wear them more than a handful of times per year so as long as it doesn't have a Looney Tunes print on it you're good to go.

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