BB Middle office / risk roll --> junior trader at hedge fund question

I currently work for a top 4 BB middle office group doing PnL and greek risk reporting. My main goal is to get a pure market risk / trader role. I have a chance to move to a small boutique hedge fund as a junior trader (750mil)... My question is would this be a good move overall or is the hedge fund to small. As an added note, I don't mind taking the risk since I'm young and don't have any debt.

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my advice is to do a lot of research into the hf....aum is not as important as people like to make it seem. See what their performance has been, how many employees are there, turnover, how many funds, how many pms?what happened to the last jr trader? etc

If this is going to be a role that allows you to learn more about the markets, get a feel for execution, be a part of investment meetings, then I think it is a very promising opportunity to add to your skill set. BUT keep in mind that "junior traders" can often just be a nice title for doing exactly what you are doing now: p/l, risk, etc....except your bonus will probably not be as nice. MO/FO is a very blurred line at small boutiques, and remember that you're not trading client flow, so you may just be supporting an execution trader, with no real exposure to market-related information.

Also, what type of products are they trading?...there's much more room for "jr trader" growth at places that focus on futures/macro/fx, then those trading L/S, special situation, or anything needing deep financial statement understanding. Ask a lot of questions, and read up on the fund


Don't stop now, there are 15 other forums you can drop it in. Maybe you'll get a better response...

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Don't stop now, there are 15 other forums you can drop it in. Maybe you'll get a better response...

Again, it may be hard for you to understand, but I posted in both these fourms because it involved trading and HFs. Some people don't look at both, and since it has nothing to do with other forums it won' t be posted anywhere else. Also, I got the answer i needed, so kindly stop being a douche. I understand that you aren't intellgent enough to understand this, and are just being an asshole / troll / dick / etc.., but please shut the fuck. Thanks buddy!


which would you guys take out of undergrad if the ultimate goal is to be a hf manager? MO at a top 20 hedge fund or s&t and a mid/lower tier bank?


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