Quit my job?

Hi, I am a 1st-year analyst at an active quant fund in AM. Getting paid 75K which is not high but decent enough to pay my rent. People are nice to me which is mostly because they are genuinely nice people but also because I get most of the actual job done. I see very little growth potential at the firm and doing tasks that are meaningless. I am very surprised how incompetent my seniors are given that they are from bigger names. I have been actively seeking employment elsewhere but mostly in vain.

Weaknesses that I have identified are

  1. I am from a non-target school

  2. Visa status, I require sponsorship

  3. Skillset issues to get into top-tier firms

4. Lack of industry experience.

Can't do anything about 1 and 2. and for 4, I just hate this job so much that if I fail to land another job within 2 months, I am just hoping to quit (go back to my home country because of #2) and work on my weakness #3 for like 3-4 months and then try to break into another firm. Sounds like a bad idea? I will fill in my resume as a freelance trader or something.  

It's always better to look for a job when you have a job. Don't quit

Thank you for the advice. I just hate my job. Feel like my growth potential is being stifled by all the incompetencies at the firm.

1) do the bare minimum, just enough to not get fired. Leave as early as you can every day. Remember, ur job is to get your regular paycheck doing the least amount of work! This should be your mentality going forward  

2) apply for jobs. Start networking. This will be take a while, especially in today’s job market. This is why step 1 is so important! 

Thanks so much! I am trying to land another job.. finding it very very difficult though. In the meanwhile trying to improve my skillset.

Yeah... finding that more difficult than I had initially thought

Step 1: marry a US citizen. 

Step 2: do whatever you want

So true... But I think it's more about my skillset problem as I am not the only foreigner in the country

dont want to go too much into the details but my objectives are clear. I want to work in a more professional environment i.e. better track record and investment process.

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