2022 Analyst Bonus Thread

This time of year is kicking off... Let's use the below format to comp peoples bonuses. May the odds forever be in your favor!

Bank: [BB/MM/Boutique]

Group: [Coverage / M&A / M&A]

Ranking: [Low/Mid/Top]

Base Salary: $$$


Curious about DCM numbers since I will be a ft analyst in that part of my bank


Congrats on wrapping up your first few months in IB. I was wondering how many hours a week were you working your first year/ how much you expect to work as a second year? Really interested to hear about the lifestyle at the firm


Any speculation on how bonuses will turn out with how the first half of this year has seen a downturn? Anyone know what a standard BB bonus range is for mid-bucket?


I know performance reviews are happening street-wide right now but at my bank, and at other banks based on what my friends are saying, they're deferring our bonus number until July so I'm taking that to mean it'll be based off 2022 also for some banks.


Curious to know what team you're at, my team hasn't assigned bucket. We just got numbers.



3rd year


Bonus $110k

Not happy with comp. Especially peers at WF and similar tier banks have higher base.


Not terrible but not great. I know Truist when it was STRH was known to be pretty laid back but now we have our fair share of late nights (tho dependent on staffings / team placement) I’d say 65-70hrs on average. Busy weeks tick up to 80-85 (35% of weeks). In the first year have had probably 3 weeks hit up in the 90-100 range (2 were live deals and one was for a pitch). Overall not terrible especially if you’re in one of the LCOL cities as the money goes farther. Overall culture is good which helps make the super busy weeks more tolerable. WFH flexibility helps a lot too.


Am I insane or are this and previous numbers in thread great for truist? Especially because of LCOL.


I think it’s okay for a MM, but given that their bases are $10k lower than street avg ($110k) the bonus is really more like $60k. Which is decent historically for MM but perhaps a bit low if the bonus pools were locked in at Xmas, when markets were at an ATH.

This also brings up the question of which banks will lower bonuses as the base salaries have risen over the past 2 years. I had friends in Tier 2 cities getting paid $60k A1 bonuses during 2019/2020 but with $85k bases, so $70k@$100k = $85k@$85k.

So TC has moved up slightly, it just doesn’t feel like it because COL/rent has also risen.