Direct experience through a process. The director running the process continually lied to push his own agenda. We went around him and talked directly to client to get back in process. Once in the room interviewing for Final Cut the director brought him md who lost his cool on my analyst. They were pissed we went around them in process (because they are morons) and tried to make us look bad, but it completely backfired infront of the client.

Our principals went as far as to reach out to FITB board members to let them know what happened. I will share the director and mds name in private. This firm is a joke and would avoid.


They're not a traditional sell side M&A shop, though they do do it, Fifth Third's own Coker Capital does HC sell-side as well and arguably better. Historically they've had success in advising Health Systems in capital planning/financing. They compete with Ziegler and Piper Sandler here in Midwest. They have other groups as well in Health Tech (San Diego) and real estate (a lot of former JLL guys, they mostly advise on the disposition of non-core hospital RE like office buildings). Hours and comp I can't say, but I'd imagine below street on both counts.


Can attest to all the above. They don’t know how to run an actual process and everyone suffers from it. That combined with the absolute worst culture possible just calls for a terrible environment.


This is funny. Our shop just went through a process with them and it was a nightmare. We are a top healthcare developer and they have only brought us two qualified projects the last few years, of which they jerked us around and fumbled the process on both. As a firm we have decided to stop responding to their RFPs moving forward

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