ESSEC/ESCP GE, or FSFM MOF? for a Chinese aims at IBD M&A.

Hi! I am a Chinese who is deciding to pursue a master's degree in mainland Europe (France or Germany maybe). My career goal after graduation is to do IBD M&A or PE directly. I will started the study of French or German after my final decision about a master's is made. My question is, as a Chinese, ESSEC/ESCP GE (MiM) or FSFM MOF, which program will be better? It seems not possible to be native in French or German soon as I get there, but maybe I can improve my language in Europe?
Considering my first priority goal is IBD M&A or PE, my second goal is to work in London. I was told that FSFM MOF is not possible to get a great job in London, so maybe France B-School is better?
PS: Bocconi is great uni but it cannot provide enough time for me to do as much as internships as I can, and it is believed that many internships are the keys to success for a Chinese.

I would apply to MiF Bocconi tbh, placement is great for London and all of them are able to do at least one strong internship b4 graduating. Among your options I would go for ESSEC as you can choose all finance electives and Grand Ecole allows you to do 2/3 internships and is the most solid in academics, brand name, and placement in London. 

I was told that the basic logic for a CHINESE from an EU master to get into London IBD is at least 3 internships. I will have to experience a (Big4 M&A) - Small boutique M&A- BNP Level M&A - BB/EB M&A four internships before I can possibly get a Full-time IBD M&A job. Considering this, Bocconi is great, but his setting and length is not for me maybe. "gap year" make the internships above possible in ESSEC, ESCP and FSFM.

Not sure where you got this number from; they're not going to discriminate against you for being Chinese by forcing you to have X number of internships before considering you. Having a strong profile will obviously help in securing interviews, but having a few experiences you can leverage, and strong ECs could suffice. The latter would also help with learning the relevant lingo if that's a concern of yours. Alternatively, you could try and secure a top program in the UK - e.g. LSE - if you work for a year out of undergrad whilst studying for GMAT.

Why do you have to keep mentioning you are Chinese. Just explain your situation. No need to splash your nationality

To indicate possible problems in language, French. I mean I will soon study it from now on but it might still be a challenge to be in a native level in French. And also non-EU problems when applying London, like “why would they hire some guy from China and graduated from a French B-school program instead of other French guys”

If you want to go back to China, go to ESSEC as it's the most recognizable in China out of the 3, but I'd still say it's probably not as good as something like HKU or Fudan. 

No idea about European bank placements but I'd imagine ESSEC places fairly well as well. 

ESSEC and ESCP place very well in london. I see more alumni from ESCP than ESSEC in london tho for some reason. Might be that there are more internationals at ESCP so most prefer a job in london (vs staying in France). But honestly, both schools are the same in terms of placement. Some choose ESCP over ESSEC because there is a London campus and they wanna be close to banks.

Also, I’ve seen quite some Chinese that have graduated from ESCP or ESSEC in london. Just do a linkedin search

In IB, actually I‘ve only seen a small number:(

And ESSEC has a better study system, some people are able to do internships during the first academic year, ESCP is supposed to study full-time on campus.

And what do you think of Bocconi MSF and WHU MiF for a guy without M&A experience in Europe? Really appreciated!

It feels like the fastest way for you to reach your goal is to directly study in the UK.

Just like you wonder why London banks would take you over any other French person out of a French school, why would a French bank pick you over fluent French speakers. There are spots in Paris for beginner to intermediate French speakers, but not that many of them (and none at BBs tbh). Possible but not necessarily the easiest way.


German here who studied at ESSEC (MiF). The MiF program gives you the opportunity to get started in Europe through the mandatory internships. France in general is not great as it is quite difficult for non-native speakers.. Germany is a bit better, but only for large-cap, mid-cap is almost impossible as well. ESCP might then give you the advantage for London recruiting. Forget about Frankfurt School. WHU's Bachelor is better than its Master's program, but the MiM/MiF might still give you chances in London recruiting. The only true MiF in Germany. But keep in mind that WHU is in the middle of nowhere..

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