I passed their hirevue and 2 hour IQ/puzzle test and then failed after the personality test. I selected all the answers where I took personal responsibility so maybe they dont like that


Same thing happened to me, lol.

Wasted 30 mins to record and apply the initial app then 2 hours on the IQ test and writing.

Then failed the personality test by selecting the most reasonable answers 😂


I suspect they don't actually look at applications until after you've completed all the automated stuff. So you waste time and then they review and ding all the people. If that's true it makes sense since wasting a ton of time seems to be agentis's methodology 


Currently working with someone who rage quit agentis. Three things you need to understand:

1. You leave when everyone is done and you leave in a staggered fashion by rank

2. They have a west coast office

3. West coast office often worked until 1-2am

As a result homie was there until 3-4 am on the regular.


Wow. Sounds absolutely terrible. I’m not working right now and am still not going to apply to them. Sounds absolutely terrible.


I dont understand this culture. Surely the higher ups can see they are burning through analysts like crazy? wouldnt they want to try getting closer to a sustainable WLB so that they can keep people and build some experience rather than have to constantly train new hires?


That would be too smart of a thing for them to do. Investment banks have an up and out culture. You either fit in or you don’t for them. They don’t zero if 90% of their analysts aren’t good for them because eventually they’ll stubbornly find someone who fits for them, that’s just the way it is.


Hey, they recently opened an office in my country (top emerging market) i have an interview does this apply to all their offices ? Their analyst quality is pretty good from what i saw on linkedin

Most Helpful

A guy from my school recently quit after 6 months and that's why they're hiring a new analyst. Besides the pay which is misleading there is no upside to taking that place. The culture is horrible and you'll be abused on a daily. I worked in investment banking before getting laid off so let me tell you exactly what constitutes a horrible place versus a manageable place. A manageable place is one where you're getting overworked as a junior but it's tolerable. Agentis is a place where you're getting overworked but abused on a daily. I'd really consider another option if I were you especially if you've never worked in IB and have high aspirations to do it long term. That place is going to scar you.

Another thing I wanna mention is pay. I said it’s misleading people say it’s above street, in theory it is but it won’t be. If your base is 125k and your bonus is 70k, it’s above street, but 20k of that bonus is invested in stock, that you won’t get until I believe an entire year later. Since they have a high turnover rate, they may not even pay you out of the remaining bonus because you’ll leave before that.


Have heard absolutely nothing but terrible anecdotes about the culture.  


I interned at Agentis and they made me hand out flyers to people downtown advertising the firm


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