I currently have three offers for this summer, Wholesale Payments at JP Morgan, Public Finance Investment Banking at UBS, and Account Analyst (aka a general alternative investments intern) at PIMCO. My number one concern is not necessarily working in investment banking, rather I want to intern somewhere that will give me a variety of skills and leave a lot of doors left open in terms of exit opportunities. Since I am not 100% certain in what I want to do, I want to leave myself with options. Which of these three internships do you believe will allow me to do that?

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wallstreetoasis1234, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Could you please explain why you think so? I was leaning towards JP Morgan given the size and name of the firm, and I thought that Public Finance would give me a limited skill set but I would love to know why you think UBS is a stronger choice. 

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Public finance IB is still IB, which is just a much better career path than the role at JP, which opens far fewer doors down the road.

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100% UBS pub fin 

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neither. if you are looking for long term optionality as you mentioned you 110% need to take UBS pub fin

El-C, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Not to hijack this thread but I guess it's related - how good is UBS pub fin? I know that they closed their pub fin business in 2008 and have since been growing back their platform but don't know much about performance.

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Pay/Exits/Career Flexibility

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Hi everyone, I have an offer for pub fin at Barclays and UBS. Which one is the way to go?

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