Northwestern Mutual summer analyst 2024 thread

Hey everyone, I've been going through the interview process with a pretty prestigious bank, Northwestern Mutual. My school (Rutgers) is a known target school for them and for other bulge brackets I’ve heard. I had my second round for 2024 recruiting at NWM yesterday and am waiting hopefully for a superday. I'm going through the process with some less prestigious banks (e.g., Lazard, Moelis, Citi) so I have a backup offer in case Northwestern Mutual decides to go another way. Has anyone gotten their superday yet for northwestern mutual yet?? I'm so nervous that I won't get it. Recruiting for NYC btw.

I hope this is a joke but don’t interview with northwestern mutual. It’s definitely not considered more prestigious than citi or any bank for that matter. Look up “northwestern mutual internship reddit” and you’ll understand why.

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First off, congratulations on getting a second round at a "Super Bulge Bracket". You should be extremely proud. Perhaps a LinkedIn post thanking the recruiter in great detail (500 words minimum) is in order?

For some reason, my Superday was scheduled on February 29th, and the meeting link I received brought me to the music video for Rick Astley's 1987 hit song, "Never Gonna Give You Up". Not sure what happened there, but I hope they reschedule me!

I think I might end up taking my offer at the "Super Super Bulge Bracket" of Mass Mutual instead. Anybody have any thoughts on this plan?

bump, i’ve been trying to land a coffee chat with some of their analysts, but i’m at a lower tier ivy and none respond to me

please dm tips on how you landed a first round they are my dream firm 😍😍😍😍😍

Can confirm, just got rejected(hard target diversity,sophomore program). Asked for feedback and was told simply lack the brainpower. Was really hoping to land the summer offer so I don’t have to take the lower bulge bracket.

Diversity only? Currently non-diverse at target Northwestern Mutual feeder (think HYP) and haven’t heard back from first round, even after networking. Holding an exploding offer from P72 but waiting for NM updates before deciding.

if it comes to it, would say take your p72 offer and renege later if you are lucky enough to land NM. Definitely wouldn't renege for something like citadel or even a top SM (eg tiger cub) because you wouldn't want to burn bridges for a marginal gain in prestige, but northwest mutual is a big enough step up where I think it could be worth it

This is so far from being funny it's actually hard to comprehend. To all the people who make posts like this, get a life and stop with the self-congratulatory satire bullshit. If you're gonna troll try to be somewhat funny or original.

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