Please destroy my Cover Letter

Hi guys,
I'm starting to apply for various 2024 summer analyst and for some 2024 off-cycle in Europe/London.
It's my first time writing a cover letter and I would like to have a template that I can use for all of them without making big changes.
The thing I have most doubts about is the first paragraph, I hope to use it as a hook but I don't know how good it is.
For the applications in companies with which we have had career fairs I think of putting a reference of that meeting instead of this paragraph.

Thanks for the advice!


My brother in christ if your cover letter starts with "I found myself talking to a guy" please don't include a cover letter. The entire letter's phrasing is shaky and doesn't sound professional, the English is awkward.

Non-exhaustive list of wtf moments:

- "where I was financially secure"??

- "in my comfort zone"??

- "life is too precious to be filled with regrets [which is why I want to get crushed in IB]"??

- "have led me to this moment"??

- "characteristics that make me a member to have in your team"??

- "capital invested in new hires"??

- "will do my best to ensure a return on this investment"??

Dunno what timeline looks like on your side but you absolutely need to get yourself the top 10 books of American and British literature and absorb as much as possible


This is bad + no one reads these.

So despite being bad you can just discard.


For reference, everything that you covered in black can be copied and pasted
You should take it down if you are not comfortable with your info leaking


I agree with everyone who says CVs are meaningless and networking is more important, BUT this CV is so bad you could be the son of the CEO and I still think you might struggle to get an interview.

Seriously just like plug this into chatGPT and ask it to make you sound like a professional who speaks English. Or just list out your main points and the job description and ask chatGPT to make you a cover letter. Even if that ends up sounding a bit robotic it would be better than this.


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