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Hey did you take the SIE online? Planning to take it soon and was going to do it online but I just saw the camera requirements and don't know if it's worth the effort vs just doing it in person (nearest site is pretty far from me). If anyone has any thoughts itd be greatly appreciated

justin_achievable, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I run Achievable and we've published a few charts on how long you should study for the SIE based on a year of actual data.

The short answer is: study time varies tremendously based on your prior experience and natural inclination towards the material.

Most test prep providers recommend about 50 hours of course time and at least a month to prepare.

Achievable's course takes about 20-30 hours since it uses adaptive learning to get better results faster.

Here's a link to our SIE course in partnership with WSO; the first chapter is free so you can try it out!

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certain, what's your opinion? Comment below:

PLEASE STOP WORRYING. Any idiot with a double digit IQ and no finance/economics background can pass SIE in less than a week. Spending 50 hours on it would be a complete waste and overkill. (Would be the same as studying 50 hours for your driver's license test - personally I found the DL test (memorizing traffic rules and road signs) to be more challenging) I studied for a day and passed. I'd say 8-10 hours would be more than enough. It is laughable even for WSO to see some folks on this forum trying to pump it up and sell online courses. 

justin_achievable, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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Founder of - modern test prep for the FINRA SIE, S7, and GRE.

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