Do you want to be in Houston or NYC?

Don't want to rank them, but UT Austin, Rice, SMU and TAMU have generally better exits than Baylor, TTU and UTD.

Houston shouldn't be too difficult to land as long as you network and keep your grades up, but if you want NYC you'd need to start early, be in the IB-specific program at your school, and get a little lucky. If you want NYC and are competitive enough to get into a semi target or low target, I'd also look outside TX at some more NY-focused schools just to have options.


Rice does have a new BBA program but the undergrad alumni base doesn't rival McCombs in size or spread across the country and the different verticals. If you get McCombs BHP (which you should if you get Rice) then take that and don't look back. One could argue SMU > Rice by finance alums as well due to an affluent surrounding area and the families sending their kids there (this is where their "southern Ivy" cache comes from). However by academic rigor Rice>UT>SMU, for banking placements nationwide UT>Rice>=SMU assuming Honors + Alts at SMU. Since you asked to rank all of them though:

1. UT

2. Rice/SMU

3. Texas A&M (Mays is short on resources and fills up pretty fast, apply early if you think you'll go here. Won't deny the network effect here is also as good as Rice for Houston)

4. Baylor/TCU (don't know anything about them, expensive private schools though with probably decent Houston connections)

5. Texas Tech (primarily for its size and personally knowing a few people who made it into finance from here) 

6. UT Dallas -- only back office roles here


Just gonna be blunt if you want NYC IB the only schools from this list that will give you a real shot are UT and Rice 


UT Austin is the king for Houston. A&M, SMU, and Rice fall below but I barely know anyone from UTD and Baylor who made it.

For NYC, it’s only UT canfield & WSFM or bust for Texas. SMU is your second best shot but you really have to grind and be in the top 5% to make it to NYC.

Being a Texas native, I chose to go out of state for undergrad. Didn’t have the grades or score for McCombs and got better value from my out of state school compared to SMU. I would really suggest to consider semi/low out of state schools if you get in as UT admissions are a complete shit show. You’ll have an easier time to network and establish yourself for NYC recruiting.


Simply not true it’s only WSFM or BHP for NYC. Know at least four kids in my immediate circle (including myself) that weren’t part of either and do IB in NYC. Banking in NYC is simply not that difficult….

Most Helpful

If you want NYC, it's basically UT or nothing. If you go to A&M or Rice it's possible, but huge long shot. Decent chance if you qualify for a diversity program and a solid candidate.For Houston, if you can get in UT's banking program, I think they have a near 100% rate or something crazy of placements. Not as familiar with that program, but it is the best in Houston no question. Next I'd put A&M and SMU on similar tiers. I'd actually lean toward A&M a bit because of sheer number of alums, not just in banking but PE, etc., plus petroleum engineers and others who get their MBA and come in as associates in Houston giving you another layer of connections which SMU won’t have outside of a few from their MBA program. If you can get in the Horizon's program you'll have great opportunities. Similar with SMU, great options, but less in total. I've heard their program is structured nicely.For Rice, they're kind of in their own niche. It's a very small school, and not a ton of people shoot for IB compared to the others on the list, but if you go there and want IB, you'll have every opportunity to go wherever you want. Rice has a kind of halo around it in Houston, and to cap off, is only 5 mins from most banks for networking. Downside is they don't have a true finance major, although I know their BBA program is new.Never met anyone personally who went to Tech in IB, but have seen 1 or 2 from TCU/Baylor, but those are exceptions. LSU sort of a dark horse as well.So to sum, UT>A&M/SMU>everyone else, but Rice could be #1. All have different cultures though so factor that in.


as someone not from Texas, this list is hilarious

rice is the best school in Texas and it’s not even close 

NY groups respect rice way more than UT

rice is on par with Vanderbilt (different scene) in terms of prestige

baylor - also Lol for that being anywhere near #3 - accepts like 60% of students

If you’re in-state - it’s Rice / UT / then SMU / TCU tied for 3rd 

Those other schools on the list will keep you out of PE and have a much more difficult uphill battle

A&M is ok but viewed as less prestigious out of state (stronger alumni network in Texas than UT - arguably)


They’re more active on this forum because they’re more active on Wall Street. Not sure what sample you’re looking at but UT has better infrastructure around recruiting, more established pipelines, and -I’m willing to bet- more people sitting in good seats on the street


As someone not in TX I'm surprised to see Rice and SMU at the same level. Rice is similar in prestige to Vanderbilt/Emory/Northwestern and SMU is nowhere on the radar. I believe that if a Rice student wants IB his/her chances of breaking in are higher than any other school in Texas including UT outside of BHP.


Is money an issue? If your family is wealthy enough to easily afford 70k/yr a tuition, or poor enough that the cost is basically the same after financial aid, Rice is our best bet. Otherwise, you should go to UT, which is nearly as prestigious and much cheaper. SMU and Texas A&M have some people, and everything after would require a minor miracle. 



IB? UT Business Honors and that's your only option. Rice has alright consulting placement as a decent alternative. BCG recruits from there.

That’s just not true at all. You have no idea what you’re talking about


Only go to utd for stem. Banking placement is terrible. Near non existent.


Extremely hard to break into top non-stem roles from UTD. Tech and Baylor shouldn't even be on this list if discussing IB/MBB/related.

SMU only if you're in the specific program that sends a good number of kids to IB.

Mays is getting better and better it seems.

Rice undergrad is academically more impressive but not more successful in feeding kids to IB. Solid MBB representation.

TCU is quite sub-par for IB/MBB placement. Each year I believe they generally send a few to Houston and a couple to Dallas offices

UT, SMU, A&M (in that order) would likely be your best bets for IB. Just my take


1. Rice (best school by far, new business undergrad school too) 2. UT (clear number 2) . SMU (does better than a&m) 4. dont bother (even a&m is basically a complete non target, yeah they send some but its a massive school and hard to be competitive)


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