what role do accountants have in the deal process ??

So my understanding is that bankers have to manage the entire deal process, in particular, they must manage and bring together a whole host of people i.e. lawyers, accountants, corp dev, PE ... etc. If lawyers are required to ensure the legality of the documents, what is the role of accountants ?? 

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Pepperoni Toni, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Usually accountants are involved during the diligence process. Very deal specific, but accountants assist diligence requests relating to the company's financials, providing various schedules (AR/AP agings, inventory agings, etc.), and other related documents. They can also join diligence calls with the buyer to explain how the company's accounting functions work. They're also a big help in a quality of earnings process. 

Note that there's not a ton of accountants involved in the process, as the company's deal team doesn't expand to include the whole accounting department. Usually consists of CFO, controller, VPs of finance/accounting, and other titles that are higher in seniority (depending how much diligence is involved) 

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