Advice on future

Hi guys would really appreciate some advice on how to move forward.

Going into my 3rd year at a 2nd tier target (UCL/Imperial/Warwick) and currently finishing my SA stint at a MM. I'll have the possibility to convert the internship but I haven't loved the experience, so I was planning on doing a MSc after graduating. Completed my GMAT and got a 700 but unfortunately got my summer exam results and got a 2.2 for 2nd year. I got a 1st in first year but I don't think I'll stand a chance applying to MSc with my 2nd year transcript. I will definitely get my grades up to a 2.1 next year but still not sure how to proceed. Should I apply for off-cycles and SAs, should I convert my current SA or any advice on MSc?

Thanks in advance.


It depends on what your goals are, but if your priority is breaking into the investment banking industry full time, I'd take the current role if you convert. It seems like a bit of an unecessary risk to try to roll the dice elsehwere with applications or an MSc.

If you were minded to do the MSc in any event, my advice would be to really develop relationships with your professors. You should feel quite happy with an MSc at a 2nd tier target, so there's a good chance that your curreny university will take you if they know your potential and have good relations with the department. I went to a 2nd tier target myself and didn't even apply to their MSc, but decided to do one last minute (long story but personal reasons), and just wrote to the professors I knew well and they took me on.


I'm currently preparing to apply for these in Oct, and to be honest they need a 1st.

You can probably get in with a 2:1 if you are an interesting candidate with a lot of ECs, but all of HSG, HEC, Bocconi etc will be very competitive.

I think even the EU semi targets like RSM, ESSEC, ESADE etc will want at the very least a 2:1..

Maybe if you get a crazy good GMAT (760+) and do really well in your December exams to pull up your avg to 2:1 you can apply in 2nd round?

You have to factor in that in EU doing a masters after BSc is the norm, so a lot of strong EU applicants will apply with you, rather than go into work like in the U.K.

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Thought I would add another comment: why not accept the return, smash 3rd year & apply the year after?

I don’t know how it works at your uni, but at mine (similar standing but slightly lower) 3rd year has more weighting to your final degree. I had very a low 2:1 in 2nd year, and worked my ass off in 3rd to get a high 1:1 and a decent first overall. Then worked for a bit and am now applying for masters.

IMO if you can do that you will :

• have more time to study for a very high GMAT

• apply with your grades finalised & in a better position (you should be able to get at least a decent 2:1 by then)

• come in with solid work exp that would make you a more interesting candidate (1 year of work exp is infinitely more impressive than a 2-3 month internship).

• have more time during 3rd year to add some ECs that you might be missing now

Not to dissuade you too much, but with the way things are right now you won’t be getting into top programmes, or even just good ones. But if you do the above you’ll have really good chances.

Good luck!


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