asking WSO people for internships

how appropriate is it to ask WSO members for internships

instead of cold calling/emailing, why instead not reach out to people over here? We already have 1 thing in common: browsing WSO, so there's some rapport. We could even have some good laughs on a coffee meeting about some topics over here instead of going through a generic discussion/boring

Q: Why shouldn't WSO users help other WSO users in terms of referrals? 

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riskymanager, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Very good point. 

I also feel that out of the kids applying, those who sit on WSO are the ones who are often actually interested in finance / people who work in finance. Would cut out a lot of the nerds with no personality imo.

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indeed, sometimes I wonder what would happen if you would build an investment bank only with active WSO users

i mean, you'll have everything from directors to juniors and plenty of jokes, advice, finance knowledge, hardos, building good cultures based on what people suggest here, ambition, etc.

riskymanager, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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