International Background Check

Hi all. Posting on a throwaway account to preserve anonymity. Have a question regarding background checks and verification of income paid to multiple bank accounts in different countries. 

I'm in the final stages of getting an offer from a great firm and about to undergo a background check. To prepare for this background check, I've been getting my references lined up and preparing proof of employment history in the form of contracts and tax records.

However, I have a somewhat unique situation regarding my visa sponsorship and distribution of compensation that I'm worried may raise flags on my background check.

I'm contracted by a company, Company A, to work in a foreign country. However, Company A does not meet the requirements sponsor my work visa, so they have an arrangement with another company, Company B, to sponsor my working visa. 

  • Approximately half of my total compensation is paid to me by Company A to a bank account in my home country (which is different from where I work). I pay taxes in my home country on this amount and have tax records and employment contracts to verify this.
  • Approximately 30% of my total compensation is paid to me by Company B to a bank account in the country where I currently work. I pay foreign taxes on this amount and can get tax records of this (albeit in another language). I don't do any work for Company B and consider this to be a part of my total compensation from Company A.
  • Approximately 20% of my total compensation is paid via non-bank transfers (think the foreign equivalent of Paypal, Venmo, etc.) or physical cash as a living stipend. I do not pay taxes on this and have no bank records or tax statements to back this up, nor is there any written contract verifying this (it is just a verbal agreement). I am told this arrangement is not uncommon in this country and have a reference willing to confirm this amount.

I have references to confirm all of this, but I am worried that the unusual structure of my arrangement may raise some flags on my background check. Particularly the fact that I don't have tax records to back up all of the compensation I reported in my interviews and the fact that the company I am contracted to work for is different from the company sponsoring my visa.

Does anyone have experience in a similar situation with a relatively complicated international background check? I don't have a criminal record or anything, so not worried about anything like that. I may have gotten myself a bit psyched out by reading stories of offers being rescinded after inconsistencies were reported (unable to submit satisfactory tax records verifying income, etc.).

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Jul 20, 2022 - 3:39am
Daisy2022, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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