Continuation of virtual Interviews?

I'm an incoming analyst at a BB in a tier 3 office/location and I would like to move to NYC ideally after a year or so on the job (so around early 2024 timeframe)? Given that I would not be working in NYC, it would be near impossible to interview for NYC positions/firms unless the interview process would be virtual. 

Do you guys think that banks/other financial institutions will continue to allow for virtual interviewing even as COVID subsides and as workers are returning to office?

If not, what would be the most effective/efficient way to move to NYC after a year?


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Superdays are back in person for my bank but the previous rounds are virtual (unchanged from pre-covid, was phone calls then)

You may need to take a Friday or Monday off to fly out for superdays, lateral hiring is a bit more laid back but I expect they would still want to meet you. If your group is really not chill with an occasional day off or if you're a very long trip away, you can ask for a virtual superday but don't think it will be the standard

people have been lateraling from other locations for years pre-covid and everyone flew out for the superday, fwiw

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Thanks for your reply! This might be a stupid question but do firms generally reimburse you if you had to fly out to NYC for a super day. I'm only asking this because, throughout my college years, companies have reimbursed me when I had to fly out for super day interviews (I presume this policy is only applicable to college students?). 

The office i will be working at is very very far from NYC which is why I'm a bit worried about this.

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The firm interviewing you will 1000% pay for everything (flights, hotels, meal stipend) and if you run into firms that don't do this (all BB/EB/MM do, just some random boutiques might try to stiff you I guess), you should run very far away

I see your line of thought around reimbursing college students, but at any point in your career if you're flying out for an interview it is on the firm's dime.

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