Decision on Summer Internship Opportunity

I currently have an outstanding offer for a junior summer internship at a fairly well regarded asset manager in New Jersey (you can probably figure out which one lol). That being said, it is a position in fixed income, and there does not seem to be a ton of mobility for junior talent. I have been interviewing with lots of other firms and gotten a decent amount of traction. Today, I had a one-off superday with pretty much my dream firm, they told me they enjoyed meeting me but are unable to make a final decision on my candidacy until they have met other candidates at their normal superday time. They're aware of my offer deadline and are basically seeing if I'll decline or accept the other one in light of this news. I'm not sure how I will fair vs their other candidates, but I'm fairly confident that almost all of my interviewers liked me. Additionally, I am actively interviewing with multiple other very well regarded firms, and am relatively confident that I can secure an internship elsewhere. That being said, I am not sure if I should turn down my current outstanding offer to pursue other opportunities. They offered a very competitive salary, and sign-on bonus, and I'm not really sure what to do. I'd definitely prefer to not live in New Jersey post grad, but also think this is a very valuable opportunity. Does anyone have advice in terms of how I should handle this situation? 

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