How technical are FT lateral interviews?

Hi everyone, 

My older brother did not start in IB and now after a year working in some middle office role he would like to lateral to IB. I went through the SA recruiting process, and I was wondering how technical ready he should be. He has never really studied the 400q guide and does not know how to model so we will start from there but I was wondering if anyone has some experience with what level he should reach to be able to lateral - ofc we are not shooting for best groups on the streets but maybe a low BB or MM

Thanks a lot!

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Depends on the firm, if they think he's vetted for technical skills, probably not much. They tend to dig into your deal experience a lot more so if that's missing, then back to technicals, especially if he's Lacking the skills currently.

  • Intern in IB - Gen

he has no deal experience basically 

  • Intern in IB - Gen

thanks, but how much technical compared to SA? just trying to understand how much I should prepare him.

Like should he know technical more than I do since I am yet to start FT? or he will be getting questions similar to SA?

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