IB -> Buyside Quant?

I am preparing to enter Investment Banking after graduation, but have always been interested in Quantitative Trading. However, my undergrad degree is non-technical.

If I wanted to pursue a Quant career, what route would I have to take? (Is a coding boot camp sufficient, would I have to enroll in a formal Master's program, etc.?)

For anyone who can answer this, too: would the steps I'd have to take be similar to Quantitative Research? (I imagine Quant Research has tougher requirements than Quant Trading).

This is an idea I've always had in the back of my mind, I would appreciate any guidance!

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Lol a coding bootcamp is usually geared towards front end web development so that is useless. Your biggest hurdle is not coding, its math. Look into Masters of Financial Engineering programs or even Math PhD programs if you're serious. The latter will help more than the former for breaking into a quant HF with your profile given the info provided.

mama_we_made_it, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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