Is applying late worth it ?

Hi everyone, pleasure to make a first post here.

I'm a UK fresher and my question is as follows : does applying now (so very late) for 2023 summer internships penalise my chances for next year's applications ? 

Considering the timeline I'm looking mostly at HF/Prop Trading firms, and I've had a hard time gauging out the impact of a late application. The lateness of the thing means that even though I'm quite confident in my CV, I imagine getting an offer would be highly unlikely. As such, I wonder if it's worth the "risk" considering that getting binned so close to the time when applications for 2024 open may impact firms' perception of me.

If it is indeed a bad move to apply for these, would you have any advice as to what I could do ? (I'm aware that as a freshman it's still early but I'm genuinely interested in doing something for the summer and would love an opportunity to confirm my interest)

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Semi-Target Refugee, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Is it worth it? Yes if you think the probability of your application ending up in an offer is non-zero

Will it impact your future applications? Probably not, would be a super weird thing for HR to fixate on

Timing - Being a fresher will disadvantage you as most internships are feeder programs into their grad schemes so will only take in 2nd/3rd years

Genuinely though if you can get a respectable HF or Prop trading internship in first year, you've smashed it. 

BlueBelt, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Quis placeat nihil dolore ut. Et qui tenetur omnis et. Quia quo dicta hic eius nobis nobis ad.

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