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  • Intern in IB - Gen

got same offer- looking into same opps

most alums have said to take it and try to recruit again full-time ib as a bird in hand 

  • Intern in IB - Gen

b school is a def move i got to a non target so thats what some alums did to break into banking after starting out in commercial or ops roles

  • Prospect in IB - Gen

75k? I know interns base pay is like 80k calculated annually. I thought full-time will be higher than 80k, and there will be bonus. Where did you get that figure?

[email protected], what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hey man, having a friend who went through this internship program, I suggest you consider other options. Clearly, you are a very qualified applicant having gotten the offer, but this internship gives limited return offers, and teaches little valuable skills. I believe they only gave 20% of interns offers last year.

The managers are demanding rather than helpful and encouraging, and the tasks you are assigned have little to no significance to actual deals. If you are considering a full time position, starting salary is 75 K, but there is very little movement from there. You may be attracted to this offer because of the JPMorgan name, but long term, you will not be receiving the pay associated with the name. In addition, the exit opportunities are very limited.

Hope this helps.

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Liam Gallagher, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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