Looking for some Advice

Hello everyone,

this will be my first post here.

I started my working journey 6 1/2 years ago with an apprenticeship to become a bank clerk. After that I joined a bachelors program with a large German bank an now I'm in my masters program at a decent European business school. Every step brought me closer to my dream of working in investment banking. But every step also showed how much I've done wrong in the past regarding career steps.

For the summer I secured an internship in the transaction advisors of a big4 and I'm currently working for an M&A firm as a working student.

Honestly looking at my family background and my time in Highschool it's quite good what I have reached so far. But I'm not really satisfied. I want to reach more. I have the strong feeling/need in me to work for the best institutions on this planet. And I mean this is quite difficult even for ppl that start planning their IB career in kindergarten.

How have some of you "older" monkeys managed thoughts like that? What brought you back to earth and showed you what you had already accomplished?
Grateful for every advice.

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