Top Special Sits Shop Interview Process

Hey folks,

I work at a top RX group and will start applying to special sits shops in no time. I would like to get info on the interview process of special sits groups of shops like Apollo, Soros, SVP, Oaktree and such.

I am particularly curious about the modeling tests at this groups. What do they entail? Grateful if you could include details on the following:
- types of debts
- equity sweeteners and structures
- options
- time to model
- time to explain

Also, regarding the technical part of the interview, grateful if you can provide some color on the main topics. How much different can this technical interview be from the typical RX banking interviews?

Thanks a lot,

Am interviewing at top 3 shops (unlike, the ones u listed), think fortress/DavidsonKempner. 

if work in rx u should be fine w.r.t model maybe not case study. (if they mention a publicly listed company on the case study, fucking buy it. I am up like 10x after doing this on 3 Case studies).

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