What should I concentrate in addition to finance?

Current sophomore at non-target. I'm already choosing finance, but I want added versatility. 

Here's a list of things I'm sort of interested in:

  • Business Analytics
  • Management Information Systems - I heard the problem of MIS is that it has limited career progression.
  • Operations & Technology Management
  • Management & Organization
  • Strategy & Innovation

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ThrilledToAnnounce, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'm a junior at a non target and was making this decision myself last year. I personally am more interested in corporate finance and because of that, it came down to accounting and technology looking like the best options.

I ended up determining that a technology-related minor (or maybe a double major in your case) would be the best option for me. Specifically, I chose MIS because the course requirements at my school allow me to choose courses specific to what I was wanting to learn - Python, SQL, and a bit of SAP if I want. I'm extremely happy with the decision I made as I'm now between beginner and intermediate in Python and was able to leverage this portion of my education quite a bit during interviews for an F50 FP&A internship.

I would say you should put some thought into figuring out what skills/knowledge you really want to get from this, and then look into which of these options would do that best for you in your university's curriculum. If by versatility, you mean actually having other career options, I've also read tons about MIS being a great major for a degree.

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Hi, would you mind answering when your FP&A internship was and when you took your python class?

ThrilledToAnnounce, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hi, so sorry I didn't see this response. FP&A internship is actually during this upcoming semester so I start in a few days and this is my 2nd semester jr year. All previous internships were wealth management related and I took my Python class last semester. Hope that answers your question!

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