When to start networking for SA2025

Hey everyone incoming sophomore here. Through speaking with upper years at my university (non-target) I have learned that recruiting has started much earlier then before.

They say to start networking end of August start of September. Can WSO echo that point or is starting then to late?

Also say I do start networking now, for those on the other end, do you prefer phone calls or teams/zoom more? How long should these calls be scheduled for (I have spoken to people for around 30 mins not sure if this is too long). Finally say we had a good conversation, what is the best way to remain connected.


Thats simply not true. The earliest you should start networking is Jan 

Start networking with upperclassmen and studying light technicals when fall semester starts. Probably want to hold off on reaching out to full time people until January

Would highly recommend to start in fall in order to build relationships. i networked mostly in spring and landed top eb/bb interviews as a nontarget but you need to realize that if u don't have alumni no one will really pull for you unless u grind. I got my bb offer from the group I started talking to during the fall. If I were to re-do I would prepare techs + behavioral first half of fall and start networking + practicing in the second half

Thanks for your advice and congratulations on your placement.

U can start now, but its gonna be hard to maintain contact over almost 6 months until when recruiting begins. Would echo everyone else and get on it in September to beat the rush. Ask for 15 minutes, and they will extend to 30 minutes if they go well. Always ask for phone call (they will ask for Zoom if they prefer). Have a good call, ask to reconnect when recruiting comes around to "ask for advice" (hint resume push/ask for referral to recruiting captains). If the first call did truly go well u won't even need a second call, they will just forward ur resume. 

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