BBs With The Hottest Girls

I'll start first - MS has a lot of hot interns and juniors, especially in PWM. RBC (especially S&T) have some smokeshows as well, you guys may have seen that thread saying that their Women's Advisory (diversity) program is outsized relative to other BB peers, which may have played a role in the bulginess of the men's downstairs brackets there on the trading floor.

JPM is known to be pretty fratty and attracts former srat stars across IBD, have encountered a lot on LinkedIn and in-person. Barclays/UBS as well have some junior and mid-level women that makes my brackets bulge out, especially the ones who recently exited to Scandinavian SWFs back home.


Have seen lots of hot girls at CVP, as well as within RBC’s M&A group. Sidenote - I’ve personally found that EVR has the ugliest girls and guys, so would advise against working there.

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Yeah sure, I've found that MMs, such as Moelis, are usually filled with sub 5'8 unattractive NPCs. On the other hand, the apex predator independents (Allen/PJT/Dyal) are filled with super tall, prestigious guys from what I've seen. Hope this helps!


I think banking attracts a lot of uggos for both genders

WM has more attractive people from both genders. If your bank has a big WM arm, then your bank prob has better looking talent…maybe dumber, too


I think banking attracts a lot of uggos for both genders

I would be careful as to generalize so broadly, I was in a top fratty group on the street and basically every male was 6'3+, former rugby/crew/lacrosse/football athletes and former frat stars (think President/VP/Social Chair), unlike the nerdy groups full of short overweight non-frat stars (think Risk Management Chair/Treasurer/Mental Health Chair).


Wealth managers? You mean boomers hanging onto their book of clients for fat annuities? That’s a tough one to swallow (no pun intended).


I think banking attracts a lot of uggos for both genders

WM has more attractive people from both genders. If your bank has a big WM arm, then your bank prob has better looking talent…maybe dumber, too

I could see ib being for uggos on the female side, but on the male side a decent portion of bankers are comprised of former athletes or ex military who still keep in really good shape.


BofA in general has some smokeshows across several groups. And Deutsche (at least at my school) are known to contain some pretty fine blondes


As someone who has worked with a variety of different banks on the advisory and financing side of deals, this is what I found out: The most consistent faps I’ve done on Zoom calls were with Jefferies — Almost ever single group I worked with had bankers at all levels attractive enough to rub one out within 3 minutes (guys and girls and I’m not even gay). GS acquires pretty solid top tier attractive talent at the junior level which have been exquisite faps as well. I’d say BofA is pretty hit or miss the same with a lot of other mid and low-tier BBs.

However, I’d like to second the opinion about Evercore stated above — I was on a Teams call with Evercore and JPM. I thought I had the really hot first year Associate at JPM pinned, but apparently I forgot and she was just talking for a while. I was rubbing one out and as I was about to climax, the screen changed to the most grotesque Evercore analyst I’ve ever seen, which led to an immediate flaccidity of my noodle and my entire week ruined where I had to call in sick the next two days due to the trauma of this experience. But hope this helps!


Tbh, girls in finance (and especially IB) tend to be very manly and icky.

Worked with a few girls I initially considered hot, but lost all attraction to them after a week of working with them.

Would look at girls in other fields of work.


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