Rich people are overrated and I studied wealthy people a lot (private jet level, generational wealth lvl ppl)

I'm going on an unwarranted, unsolicited spiel here but I had a massive epiphany last night.

Why rich people are not better or smarter than you including Gateses/Musks etc:

BTW Clarification, spiel is about RICH PEOPLE = overrated. Not BEING RICH/Having resources itself no. 

Intelligence as defined in academics and school is not mostly irrelevant, yet is not the major thing defining an economic result of a person over a lifetime.

What you need is knowledge and demonstrable/marketability ability of said with high economic  market value based on:

A. Market demand and supply needs (what people pay for or use)

And if you can monopolize selling something:

Useful or entertaining

Acquiring it that works as well.

Is being rich a sign of real wit or capability as a sheer biological living breathing force of nature ?

A lot of people are:

Quick witted.

A lot of people are:

Extremely smart.

A lot of people are:

Wicked hard working high effort people.

But that only gets you so far

Are you telling me the man who is stuck in middle management writing Java for a website is lame ?

Are you telling me welders aren't smart or analytical as a CFA or a Kellogg MBA or an Insead guy ?

Oh they're smart. But they have no economic leverage and have never applied that to a double coincidence of wants or/barter vehicle (real perfect storm sweet spot area to get rich). They've made the holy grail mistake of how not to get rich.   Having 0 economic leverage over a demonstrable/barterable skill and trading time for funds.

Sociology a huge part of financial success  along with luck, skill, knowledge with economic value (of which a real world education is just step 1 good enough to make ends meet)

This is true for life and business.

Those who succeed at sociology (positioning) are favored by wealth - just akin to how those interested  in planes are likelier to be pilots.

A lot of people are good at many things.   But not all things have economic value or results.

Some are excellent networkers. But networking at non-profits doesn’t do much.

Some are excellent gossipers. Again. 0 dollar value.

Some are excellent singers. There’s only 1 Rihanna or 1 Beyonce. 

But not all people are good at:

Bartering (spending life acquiring assets through leverage)

Positioning  (really high-IQ person pursues passion of being singer or soccer coach) whereas average intelligence guy gets stock options via sweat-equity in start-up.

Demonstrating passion and interest in producing, owning, acquiring, creating things with real-world utility or entertainment to others.

More importantly: Huckstering/Salability/Living life with sales mindset

Being rich is the result of soulless scheming which is a learnable and acquirable talent like being good at sex:

Rich and being rich is just like learning to ride a bike.  YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO DO IT AND IT IS NOT PREDISPOSSED TO OTHERS ANY MORE THAN IT IS TO YOU.

It’s shocking to think that some people think money is predisposed or a personal fiefdom of other individuals.

Plenty of people get rich on dedicating their whole life to:

Scheming (a no-talent with leverage/capital buying up small medium scale companies compounding cash on balance sheet thru acquisitions like LBO dudes or Warren Buffett). 

Bartering (Walton family numero uno pimps of Chinese crap)

Huckstering (subpar celebrities who aren’t worth a hoot)

Positioning/Social Engineering (born into privileged class or ethnic group in nation which inherited land (happens a lot to certain ethnic tribes of South Asia, South America, Middle East due to Post-Colonial legacies/social engineering, born into a family of neurosurgeons who never knew anything more than neurosurgeon and made kid neurosurgeon who killed soul to become one).   Positioning is being corrupt politician who gets bribes from someone else for favors.

And even if someone made it big why does it even matter ?

And even if someone is rich ? Why does it matter ?

Plenty of rich people are:

1. Pathetically vile disgusting humans with zero morals and are cunning saboteurs who game economies with elite lawyer friends and lobbyists and have 0 soul  or true friends.

Your typical corrupt bureaucrat/politician who takes kickbacks via Swiss bank accounts from some Fortune2000 CEO to sell out his country's oil, mineral reserves and mortgages his nations future just for a high-life is a total asswipe.

Your typical owner of a medium scale company who harasses employees, threatens lawsuit filers, crushes whistleblowers is a total twofaced rat who will go through any extent of mental gymnastics for the next million. 

2. Plenty of rich people are dry, humorless pathetic excuses of oxygen consumption

3. Many of them aren't loved any more than you are by their family. Love is love. It can't be measured in amperes, ohms, kilowatts.  Sure they can garner admiration but let's be honest. If Bill Gates were to be on the street would anyone offer a buck out of genuine concern ? He only mattered because people aspired to have what he did - not that they gave a damn about him.

Why should we worship Elon Musk or Gates ? Musk is doing his job. I’m doing mine. Would he be a fan of me doing my job ?  

This world’s obsession, mania, sycophancy, glorification and overhoarding and over glorification of those who have a few bucks to their name without observing their character, class, relevance to the heart is the scourge of society. While the elites are certainly power wielding, to glorify them is to IMHO glorifying someone who figured out how to Swim or Ski. Some make it a priority/choice knowing it isn't the monopoly position of other humans and has to be learned under volition. Others don't. It is as trivial as fawning over someone who's swimming because it is seen as unnatural with respect to walking upright. Are you impressed that they chose to swim ? That they put time into learning how to swim ? That of many choices they could've made on what to do with their time - they chose to do it ?

Source of Spiel:

There was a guy yesterday that said "Elon's my man, don't say anything about my man, I know everything about TESLA A-Z". I lost it and did some deep thinking as to why someone would stoop so low as a human to endear himself to a perfect stranger. I was like how did we end up at this stage as a society ?  I found him to be cringe af and pathetic af fawning over a mere owner of a commercial enterprise.


Making text bold, underlining it and using all caps doesn’t make your words any more powerful, especially when you do it often.

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

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