London area buying house with kids

Monkeys. The time has come. About to have a kid, early 30s. What are good areas for a detached or semi detached house in London that isn’t 5m or 1h one way commute? I’ve looked into north like muswell hill, into west like Chiswick or Richmond and south like Dulwich. None of them hit the full spider diagram of reasonable priced good houses with a garden, tube/fast commute, decent local high street, not in process of becoming more livable (how many years before Peckham is there…).

Or give up and say move to Esher and such places. Just suck up the soul sucking commute every day.

Any and all thoughts much appreciated. Stuffs too expensive!


European markets (LON & PAR especially) are due for a big readjustment, I’d say 30% at least. Rates are shit and will stay shit for a while, inflation is shit and will stay shit for a while. So yeah market might crash next year and go down like your little cousin’s favorite shitcoin but you won’t be able to afford the interest anyway unless you can bring 300K+ downpayment. Thank god my girlfriend’s dad is a multimillionaire or I’d be living in a 9sqm studio in Tottenham Hale. And thank god I’m fucking off to Dubai at the end of next month, I’m so done with this shithole.


Assuming it isn't bait (I mean, I don't plan my wedding and birth of my child around the interest rate cycle), have you thought about the triangle of Surbiton, Kingston, and New Malden? Good schools, prices seem reasonable-ish, and the trains into Waterloo are c. 20 minutes, which I think is manageable. I like Chorleywood too but it's a little too far out (unless you work at BNP). 


Thank you! It isn’t bait… who plans their life around the dismal state of the UK :)

That area makes sense. Just figured that if it’s already train dependent why not go further west at that point. It’s lovely around both…

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Life's too short to plan a family around inflation and interest rates. Sadly born at the wrong time to benefit from skyrocketing London homes prices AND the wrong time to buy a "proper home" when interest rates are so high.

I've heard good things about Colindale which has a big influx of migration from Hong Kong, so maybe there'll be some premiumisation there too. There's a few other places I've heard positive things about (e.g. Blackheath), but I don't have any value to add beyond what a Google search of "top places to start a family..." would find (which I imagine you've done).

Actually a lot of people are in Wimbledon too (which is admittedly a little more pricey). 

Depending where you work I've also been thinking about taking a punt on somewhere on the Elizabeth Line. If you're in the Wharf then I could imagine it being a very nice commute.

The only other thing I'd add from one of my own seniors is to stretch yourself a bit for that first home. Given stamp duty and general life hassle you'll probably be there for 7 years+ or so, and the financial strain will get easier (as hopefully you and your partner, if they're working) see an increasing salary. Obviously subject to your risk and job security. It'll feel very uncomfortable,  jt beats moving 2 or 3 times and spending £200k+ in stamp duty, estate agent, and solicitor fees. [Emphasise this is second hand advice and I'm at a similar stage to you so can't endorse it]


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