Should I study Business Administration or Economics in college?

I want to skip the BB IB part and jump straight into PE after completing my undergraduate studies - preferably into BX Analyst program or something similar. I may later on work in HF industry but not too sure of that, yet.

The curriculum of the BA seems very diverse and interesting but doesn't include a lot of math and macro/micro. And the curriculum of the economics gives a lot of options to choose from but since I hate complex math I'm not too sure about it. Nevertheless, I want to study the one that will benefit me the most in my career.

I will also share the curriculums here :

First Year: Intro to Data Analysis for Social Sciences, Intro to Econ, Intro to Calculus, Academic Writing, Social Science Elective, Arts Elective, Unrestricted Elective.

Second Year: Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Intro to Probability and Statistics, Mathematics for Economists, History, Humanities Core Elective, Unrestricted Electivex2

Third Year: Econometrics, History of Economics, Philosophical Reading, Analysis and Writing, Physics, Economics Electivex3, Unrestricted Electivex2,

Fourth Year: Internship, Group Thesis, Economics Electivex3, Unrestricted Electivex4

First Year: Intro to Business, Intro to Calculus, Intro to Econ, Academic Writing, Intro to Sociology, Intro to Psychology, Business Elective

Second Year: Intro to Data Analysis for Social Sciences, Intro to Probability and Statistics, Intro to Financial Accounting, Intro to Linear Algebra, Introduction to Management Science, Intro to Ancient Philosophy and History, Business Communications, History, Organizational Behavior, Social Science Elective

Third Year: Business Law, Corporate Finance, Fundamentals of Marketing, Production Management, Organization Theory, Managerial Accounting, Art Elective, Marketing Elective, Science Elective, Business Elective, Finance Elective

Fourth Year: Internship, International Business, Business Strategy, Business Capstone Project, Finance Electivex2, Business Electivex3

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