Best real estate master in the UK / Europe

Uni of Reading/ Henley?
Cass Business School?
Uni of Manchester?
Oxford Brooks?…?


Would be very interesting

I also have an Bachelor in real estate and for my master I'm looking for a more finance (Private Equity) Related Programm or maybe also development )

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Reading or Cambridge - either one of those and you'll be at the top of the pile.

Reading you get much more of a network that can really help you out in the future. Cambridge however is more favoured by firms (banks etc) that have less knowledge of educational institutions that teach real estate generally

Regarding REPE, it is much less common to enter REPE after uni in the UK, unlike the US where there are a bunch of young REPE analysts. It can be done but just unlikely due to less opportunities (unless you can speak multiple languages, particularly German). You're best shot is to go buyside, get some transactional experience and then make the move over to REPE after gaining some transactional experience.

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Looking for info about the MSc in Real Estate at IE. Any insight?

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Interned at a well-known REPE team in London and at least 3 of the members did RE at Cambridge (I think that 1 Bsc and 2 Msc). Most of the people came from business/finance mscs at targets tho. Afaik there was no one from Reading, or from any other RE Msc; the only ppl with specific RE education came from Cambridge.

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