Career Advice - REPE Analyst vs. Debt Capital Markets Analyst

Hi everyone, 

I am finishing up my undergraduate degree and have built a well-rounded resume in CRE. The million-dollar question I have is, "Where should I start my career?"

I have offer's from multiple firms from different sectors of the industry, all with their own unique advantages and perceived downfalls. The 2 that I am most interested in are:

  1. A REPE firm where I would come on as a development analyst touching a variety of different deals. They have deployed just over $1b through 2 funds and are just now undergoing a raise for their third fund of ~$650M. Because of the opportunistic identity of the company I would gain a lot of deal experience amongst a broad range of asset classes.

  2. Commercial Mortgage Loan Analyst - The company I have been talking to is looking to take on an analyst to groom them into a production/origination role within 2 years. The office itself has 7 loan officers that did 425MM in loan value last year. (They made an offer but I would likely try to work for a larger group)

Concerns - I have built (what I feel to be) a strong resume that would put me in contention for positions at larger companies, but with offers in hand, is it worth trying to pursue something where I would benefit from a larger network?

I have a personality that I think would find success in Commercial Loan Brokering but feel I would miss a lot of the technical skill development I would acquire in a development analyst role. From what I understand, the earning potential in brokerage is often accelerated (based on performance). In a dev role, I would delay my earnings but gain meaningful experience I could leverage down the road.

What are your thoughts and perceived pros/cons of working on the "Buy-side" vs. "Sell-side"?

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