GIC Recruiting?

Does anyone have insight to the recruiting process for GIC? Is it on an as needed basis? If not, is the best path to directly network with the team?

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They use A recruiter and hire from IB, other top REPE firms + top lenders. If you fit into that bucket and you are on all of the main recruiters radars, you'll get an invite for an interview at some point. They were my first interview coming out of IB. Unfortunate, as I wasn't super prepared

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I'm not a Megafund, but think where I am fits top REPE (international company, brand name, etc) Would you still recommend good old networking? I ask as the process w recruiters has been hit or miss.

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I mean it never hurts, but don't know how far a cold email will get you. There are tons of GIC equivalent firms out there, go where you have a warm lead.

Places like GIC generally have enough highly qualified candidates interested in working there. So sending a cold email isn't really going to move you up the ladder.

I tried cold emailing people at places like Oaktree and they would just ignore me, but the recruiter would still reach out. The recruiter exists to save investment professionals from having to do networking calls, have tons of first round interviews, etc. Recruiters typically have prior finance experience and can tell if you're the real deal or not

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When you say you weren't too prepared, were their questions technical in nature or were you just not too familiar with the REPE world at that point?

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GIC pays associates $150 base + 150-170k bonus

benCRE, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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