Is Ares good to start a RE career?

My dad's best friend is an MD at Ares for real estate equity. Should I leverage this connection and try and get a 2024 SA position there? Or is it not worth the time?

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Sorry my dad is well connected, I'm going to use the connections that I can. You would do it too if you were in my position. Looks like I'm set for next summer.

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Even if your dads best friend is an MD at Ares, they still won't hire you if you lack basic social skills. Based on this post / your comments, you'll probably be at a 3rd party loan servicer for the summer 

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Connections take you farther than you think. Also, nothing's wrong with being a 3rd party loan servicer. I don't know why you have to put other people down just because you're mad at me. 

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Also, nothing's wrong with being a 3rd party loan servicer. 

That's the right mindset, you're well prepared for your future career!

HFHarry, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Connection is important but you also need the necessary skills. If you do then it is a good place.

Bigbodybugatti, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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