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Hi all,

I recently had an interview at M&M for a brokerage position. I wasn't sure about the company's reputation, but I had heard things like "they're stuck up" and "they're a wannabe JLL."

During the interview, I wasn't asked any questions that were technical and only some behavioral. Instead, the MD came and sat across from me. He looked at me for a couple minutes in silence, and then said "do you want to make a million bucks?" Obviously I said yes, but then he said, "would you still be saying that if I told you what it took to get there?"

In my head, I was thinking this was some shit out of the Wolf of Wallstreet. This guy preceded to size me up for another 45 minutes, talking bad about other brokerage firms like JLL and CBRE.

Very bad experience and very unprofessional. Office wasn't as nice as some other firms I had seen, and I would've expected a less intense interview for a firm like them.

Anyone heard about M&M and could give me some insights about the company's reputation/exit opportunities? I got invited to another round of the interview process, but I'm thinking about passing.


No matter the reputation of the shop or industry, you don’t want to work for somebody that conducts an interview that way. Unprofessional and cringy IMO. Stay far away. 

A lot of M&M offices are cold call centers with no training, however some are decent but that’s due to the lead brokers creating a reputable culture and platform. 


Can you provide a little more color about M&M? Is it simply a place you wouldn’t work… or wouldn’t do business with period?


Tons of people have M&M on their resumes. People will work for 4 different brokerages in their careers or more.

If it is the right office, job, and team, it is fine.

I know and work with lots of brokers at M&M. Every brokerage office is different and each office is its own fiefdom, so just worry about the company, worry about the team.


Painting an entire shop with one brush is naive. I was a M&M intern for several summers and then from there went to a large publicly traded REPE MF. In my current asset class, all of the top industry brokers CB/Cushwake/JLL came from M&M. That said, you have to make sure you are joining a solid office/group or are joining someone you believe will be a great long-term mentor, because most of these guys churn and burn employees. Most of the pooled/general analyst or cold calling teams have a “hire 10 fire 9” approach to recruiting, which is pretty brutal if you can’t thrive in an unstructured environment. Also I would avoid teams that just sling deals and don’t have a product type specialty -


Care to disclose which MF? This is unheard of afaik. Ppl truly shit all over m&m even when I was working w a small gp. I assume you don’t mean a BX kkr etc because no way in hell will they take u if ur resume has m&m


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