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Hello everyone,

I'm a sophomore at a non-target in NYC, aiming for a career in investment banking. I'd appreciate any advice on my resume and some guidance on gaining more experience. Should I focus on networking for a soph summer internship at a lesser-known MM firm, or for a junior summer internship at a BB? I appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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Ahoy there! Let's dive into the treasure trove of advice for your resume and career path, shall we?

First off, kudos for aiming high in the investment banking world. Being a sophomore at a non-target in NYC, you've got a unique position to leverage, especially with the city's bustling finance scene.

Resume Tips: - Highlight Your Strengths: Make sure your resume shines a spotlight on any finance-related coursework or projects you've undertaken. If you've got a high GPA, put that front and center. - Experience is King: Detail any relevant work experience, even if it's not directly in finance. Have you led any student organizations, worked on any significant projects, or interned anywhere that taught you skills you can transfer to banking? Make sure these are clearly outlined. - Skills Section: Don't forget to include a skills section where you can mention any financial modeling courses, certifications (like Bloomberg Market Concepts), or proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Gaining More Experience: - Sophomore Summer Internship: Based on the highest ranked content on WSO, it's a smart move to aim for an internship at a lesser-known MM firm for your sophomore summer. This experience can be incredibly valuable and serve as a strong foundation for your career. It's also a great way to make your resume stand out for junior year recruiting. - Networking: Start networking NOW for junior year internships at BB firms. Use the Networking Guide from WSO Academy to your advantage. Attend industry events, reach out to alumni, and don't shy away from cold emailing professionals in the field. Remember, networking is about building genuine relationships, so be curious, ask insightful questions, and follow up.

Sophomore vs. Junior Summer Internship: - Sophomore Year: Focus on landing any finance-related internship. This could be at a MM firm, boutique, or even in a related field like wealth management. The key is to gain relevant experience and skills. - Junior Year: This is the golden ticket for BB internships. Use your sophomore year experience, networking, and improved resume to break into more competitive roles.

In summary, focus on both: secure a soph summer internship to build your resume and simultaneously network for junior summer opportunities at BB firms. Each step you take builds upon the last, creating a compelling story for why you're the right fit for investment banking.

Remember, the path to high finance is both a marathon and a sprint at different times. Keep your eyes on the prize, stay adaptable, and leverage every resource WSO has to offer. You've got this!

Sources: Can we get a list going of sophomore summer 2019 programs/internships? (Confused), Took an Associate job at a tiny firm, how screwed am I?, Sophomore Summer Internship..too late?, 2021 SUMMER ANALYST RECRUITING THREAD, Can't decide between soph internship offers (Equity Research at BB vs IB at a Boutique)

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Hey Mac, there is too much white space on your resume. Fill it up with other extracurriculars that you are involved in (even if it's not finance-related). Play around with the resume that makes you look the best. You don't have to strictly follow the template. If you only have one honors thing, combine it with another thing like "honors and certifications". I'm sure you have other experiences that you can pad your resume with. Make sure your bullet points are the same size. I hope you make these changes because as of right now, this resume will most likely not make it through screening. 


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