Including unlicensed business on my resume

Hello all, was wondering everyone’s thoughts on this. In 2021, for about a year, I started a side hustle of going door to door and offering to repaint homeowners’ address on their curb. I did it on weekends and got some nice side income, 70% conversion rate, etc. I thought it would be good to include in my resume because it shows initiative, go getter attitude and all that other bullshit. The one caveat is, I never applied for a DBA or got insurance, as required by the state, making my little business illegal.

As I type this out it’s becoming more evident that I shouldn’t include this in my resume but wondering thoughts. It really was as harmless as repainting addresses but I approached it the wrong way in hindsight. I would like to include it on my resume to just have the opportunity to talk about it, but I don’t want to be asked if I had an official business and my answer is no


You should get your license, and then put it on your resume if the business has transferable skills that can be used in future potential roles

If not then just leave it off, who cares


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