Should I put my GRE score, GMAT Focus score, ACT score, and "Last Four Semesters" GPA on my resume? If so, how should these be formatted?

I went to a semi-to-non-target undergraduate school. Due to struggles with depression in the beginning of my undergraduate academic journey, my grades during the first two years of college were abominable. Thankfully, I was able to get my act together and achieve mostly A's during my last two years of college, but this only raised my final cumulative GPA to a subpar 3.3/4.0. However, my GPA for the last four semesters of college is 3.7/4.0. Additionally, my major GPAs are 3.7/4.0 for my finance major and 3.5/4.0 for my computer science major. This information is currently displayed on my resume as follows:

A screen snip of my actual resume                                  A screen snip of my actual resume

I recently graduated in December 2023 with dual degrees in Finance and CS. Since then, I've moved back home and am currently unemployed. I've applied to hundreds of different firms, from BBs to MMs and boutiques, and although I'm advancing through the interview process at a few firms, almost all are outright rejecting me. And keep in mind that I did do several internships with small financial firms throughout my undergraduate career. I believe the main culprit is my subpar cumulative GPA (CGPA). It seems too low to get a position at the firms I'm aiming for, despite my resume also including my "Last Four Semesters GPA."

I took the ACT in 2018 when I was in high school. I know it seems odd to still include it several years later, but I've left it there in the hopes that my high score of 34/36 helps compensate for my terrible CGPA. I've recently taken the GRE and GMAT Focus edition. I wanted to take the regular GMAT version, but they completely discontinued it after January 31st, 2024. On the GRE, I got a 170/170 on the Quant section, and a 167/170 on the Verbal section. I just took it on February 17th, so I don't know my essay score yet. Additionally, I took the GMAT Focus exam today and got an overall score of 715. 715 on the new GMAT Focus is equivalent to a score of 760 on the old GMAT according to GMAC. 715 is a 99th percentile score.

With all of this context in mind, I have a few questions:

  1. Should I include my GMAT Focus and GRE scores on my resume?
  2. Should I keep my ACT score, "Last Four Semesters GPA," CS Major GPA, and Finance Major GPA on my resume?
  3. If I do include my GMAT Focus and GRE scores on my resume, how should I format it? I'm afraid that many employers will be unfamiliar with the new GMAT Focus scoring scale and interpret a 715 score in the context of the scale they're used to. Keep in mind that they just recently discontinued the regular GMAT in favor of the GMAT Focus a little under 3 weeks ago, so most people "not in the know" will probably be completely unfamiliar with these changes. To avoid this issue, should I put it on my resume as "GMAT Focus: 715 (760 GMAT equivalent)"? Or should I state the percentile in parenthesis instead: "GMAT Focus: 715 (99th percentile)"? Or would it be ok if I put "GMAT: 760" as that is what a 715 GMAT Focus score translates to on the old scale? Right now, I'm leaning towards formatting it as "GMAT Focus: 715 (99th percentile)." Additionally, I plan on formatting my GRE score as follows: "GRE: Quantitative: 170/170, Verbal: 167/170". Is this formatting appropriate, or should I change it? Should I remove the "/170" on each of the scores as doing so will save space, or do you think it'd help employers understand the context of my scores?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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