Corp Dev to Asset Management or Tech-focused PE? (MBA or CFA needed? Should I just stick in Corp Dev long-term?)

Hi, I'm currently working in corporate development at a large Fortune 200 tech company. I got in from previous corp dev experience at a large tech company in the Fortune 50 through a Finance Development Program (Skipped IB). I thought it'd be a great lateral move given I was already in the tech industry, I have a passion for investing/value-investing/DCF-modeling, want to learn more about strategy, as well as exposure to upper-management/c-suite. I really like the role so far due to these factors and don't have real aspirations of being a CFO. I'd love in the future to pivot to investing in the public markets via Asset Management Mutual Fund, or join a PE-focused firm that invests in tech companies I've been learning about as I gain more experience in the tech industry. Public markets is honestly my preferred path, and I look up to people like Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, etc. I have no desire to go into investment banking due to the work honestly not being as interesting, and the long hours. Not sure if I'd want to do MBB/Consulting either as I feel I'm getting similar experience in Corp Dev with better work-life balance (Also, again, I'm more passionate about investing!). 

After ~6months in the role I just want to better understand my path forward, do I: 

  1. Stick on the Corp Dev path > Get an MBA and keep climbing the Corp Dev ladder > Jump opportunistically to another corp dev shop for better comp when it becomes stagnant

  2. Stick on Corp Dev path for now > Get MBA/CFA (Do I need either?) > Asset Management/Mutual Fund/Portfolio Management

  • I'm honestly unsure of the best Asset Management firms, and how to break in to the industry. What credential do I need? The job titles on LinkedIn don't seem uniform and vary company by company as well. 
  1. Stick on Corp Dev path for now > Get MBA > PE-focused firm in technology (I know this would be a long-shot without banking, but still an option - not sure if an MBA would help much either). 

Hope this makes sense, and appreciate any guidance. Cheers! 


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