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As you can see from the title i'm quite desperate for help in choosing what program to pick. Ive been admited to Finance at Durham, Economics at Nottingham. Now I would choose Durham in a heartbeat bu my only concern is that the program is finance and not econ. And although I could switch to econ the entre requirements would be too high and I would lose this offer so no Durham. So what should I pick.

My goal is to break in BB IB and personal culture and life of the unis dont rlly matter to me since Im gd at fitting in.

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Your post is fairly clear in objectives, although I'd strongly encourage you to consider the life and happiness personally you'll enjoy at what should be some of the best years of your life - it's about the journey.

That said, both Durham and Nottingham are top and target schools. Nobody really cares about which subject you studied as long as you're on track for a 2.1 or 1st. Finance might be very very slight disadvantage as the expectation will be higher for you to nail technical questions at interviews. "Might" is the active word in the sentence. So choose based on which you enjoy most. On the margin (truly) I'd say Durham is more prestigious / well-known, but Nottingham is much closer to London so that might make it more convenient to get to London physically and have some coffee chats.

Basically, my advice here is to relax, go to the bar, and get yourself a congratulatory drink - you've gotten into two extremely good schools and the decision you make will only be extremely marginal in terms of breaking into IB.


But also what about the target schools in Spain like ESADE. They have great programs like a dual degree BBA and Artificial intelligence and I think it would be good for the future since everything is becoming more ai related and they're a target for Spain.


I'm a bit out of my depth ranking, e.g., Durham against ESADE, but assuming they're more or less equally ranked, the same logic applies. If you want to work in London (as opposed to Madrid), then being closer to London makes it easier to get to networking events, have coffees, etc. But HR doesn't discriminate candidates by what course they studied, as far as I'm aware (they will select based on school and expected academic grade though), so specific course choice doesn't matter for getting into the door.

As for the material you'll study and whether it'll be vocationally useful, then maybe. But honestly, what we do on the desk is far removed from anything I've learnt on any course (I studied Economics with electives in quantum physics, a language, and statistics / econometrics, and I also passed the three CFA exams, so I include all of that in this). There's some marginal usefulness in what I've learnt in the classroom, but with hindsight, I wish I'd studied something I actually enjoyed rather than what I thought might be useful.

All that being said, I'm open-minded to the fact that I could be wrong, and AI might radically change the job in ways I can't predict now, so learning about it could be useful. But I wouldn't bet 3 years of my life on that when I could indulge myself academically in Greek tragedies or material science or whatever gets me super interested.


Hey, I'm kind of coming back to this message because I still haven't been able to made a decision. I'm choosing between Economics and finance at Bristol or Finance at Durham and since you've been a great help on this post I was just wondering if you could give me some more advice on which to choose between thos two unis and courses. Also, again thanks a lot again for this comment.

Ps: you can find on this post some of my reservations about both Uni's and courses.


I'm a bit out of my depth choosing between these - in terms of schools, I'd say both are about equally-ranked, but maybe Durham is  better; the courses similar at face value (I didn't study at either university).

I guess Bristol is closer to London which might encourage you to network and go for coffee chats a bit more, but it's a minor point.

So you have a good outcome either way. I'd advise you to make the choice based on how you enjoy the cities / campus / course rather than which one might be marginally better for IB.

I checked the intern booklets for the last two years at my own IB, and we have the same number from each. Honestly, and I'm not avoiding the question, it's a "follow your heart" type thing.

Durham is more "Harry Potter" / Oxbridge and has a great party scene in Newcastle. Bristol is closer to London for international travel, and is close to Bath for some great first dates and a fantastic spa. So there's that.


I would go to the UK. ESADE is good because it is in Barcelona but the salary are much lower and it is hard to find a job. Durham is solid and it is in the UK so much wider recognised :)


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