I am going to Rochester's MSF program and people tell me that its job placement is terrible. Please share a bit of your insight on this.

I got three offers from US universities. (BU MAE, UR MSF and WUSTL MSBA-Fintech) I decided to choose Rochester's MSF program. However, people who graduated from US MSF programs kept telling me that it would be very difficult to obtain a full time offer in US funds or IBs. The curriculum is in nice quality, but wall street HR has very little interest in UR's MSF program. I am worrying about it.

These people are almost all from Chinese universities and you may imagine that most of them don't speak English very well. They also probably cannot get used to US culture and life style. I personally is from UBC (BA Econ) and I also went to an international high school. I wouldn't say I speak English like a native speaker, but I definitely practiced more and can cooperate with my teammates.  It is also possible that many of those MSF students don't want to stay in US, so they went back to Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou/etc. after graduation. They might know not enough about networking and behavioral interviews' importance in US. Many of my future schoolmates has already begun to prepare for CFA/Python/SQL/etc. and so am I.

I want to work a few years in US  before getting back to my hometown, Shanghai, because US financial system is the most advanced in the world and I would like to experience it. Other regions or countries, such as HKSAR or Singapore, would be acceptable if I cannot get a job in US. My aspiration is to work in IR/AM/WM. I know it is very difficult, but I am only 21 years old and I want to give my interest a try. I want to be a portfolio manager and may be get MBA degree from a decent business school later in life. I don't want to work in a position that I am not interested in. (no offend to commercial bankers or WSO bankers in IBD). At the end of the day, if it is impossible to get a job in my dreamed positions, a job in Primary market or commercial banks is better than no job.

I know I am not a good English writer, so thank you for reading this. Please share some insight or advice for my situation. I also would like to answer your questions. (I am Chinese and I think I pay close attention to some social/economical/political issues in my country. I also use quite a bit of time to think about those things and try to take a relatively objective point of view on them. Do remember to take a grain of salt. I can still be biased.)

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Jul 2, 2022 - 9:49pm
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