University of Amsterdam vs VU amsterdam vs University of Groningen.

Hello all on this forum,

I am currently enrolled in a master's in Real Estate at the university of Groningen in the Netherlands, coming from a urban planning bachelor I wanted to have some more business-related degree, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

I got finance courses and I absolutely loved them, so I am considering a second MSc (I am still young, not even 22 at the time of this question, so to enter the job market, I might just be a little bit too much of a rookie I feel).

On top of that, the bigger RE companies in the Netherlands are not doing too well at this moment, since the transaction/investment volumes went down here last year  significantly and prospectives are not looking too positive. So, by broadening my horizon, I might have a bit more chances on the job market (especially since my region does not have too many big companies). So, I am looking for a finance msc, since those were the topics I liked the most in my current msc.

  • few things to consider, I love doing statistics/econometrics, yet, I dont like to only focus on that, without studying anything else. After a while, pure econometrics/statistics just becomes a bit boring.

  • I love to calculate on financial issues, which often does include statistics, im aware of that.

  • I love to learn about the system itself and the rules.

  • I don't necessarily stay much longer in Groningen, absolute outskirt of the country, takes me 3 hours to get home, so in that sense, I would love Amsterdam better (save two hours on a round trip). Furthermore, I have way more acquintances/friends over there. This has "quite some weight in the equation".

Thus, the question, which uni to choose. At UvA, I applied for the banking & regulation track, since a bit more theory on that seems really interesting. Applied at both uni's in Amsterdam, already got accepted into Groningen. I am awaiting my VU application

Oh yeah, I got rejected in Rotterdam (erasmus), since I don't have the business background. I took a fair amount of economics courses during my bachelor's tho, so chances are there I am getting accepted.

I figured some forum members could help me with some valuable insight, to make a well considered choice. So hereby, the question which of the 3 unis I should ideally pick?



Which uni should I choose

University of Amsterdam
91% (10 votes)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)
0% (0 votes)
University of Groningen
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11

I hope that you atleast have tried to find an internship in a finance-related field - these are super important even when you finish the 2nd master one day. Dont let that imposter syndrome get hold of you :)

UvA definitely the best out of these and only one considered to be "target".


Thanks for the information and encouragement, really appreciate it!

I definitely tried to find finance internships indeed, problems rise with that as Amsterdam is 200km/130miles away from the university as well as is my hometown is 150km/95miles. However this would not be problem, but nobody wanted part time interns (there is absolutely no possibility to fit a fulltime internship in Uni programs in Holland unless you delay). Which is completely understandable, so I definitely have quite a few connections over there.

I almost applied to UvA, waiting for my finance prof for a letter of recommendation :).


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