What are some things you wish you did in your senior year of college?

College senior here - still can't believe it.

I am looking to make the most out of my last year in college, especially since the Virus robbed me of ~3 undergrad years (smh).

I would like to hear from junior and senior IBers: what are some things you wish you had done in your senior year of college?

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PeRmAnEnTiNtErN, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Some things that I would highly recommend: 

-Travel somewhere you have never been even if it is for 3 days 

-Go camping take a ski trip, hang out with friends on an extended vacation 

-Work a random job (bike shop, Waiter, Line cook)

-Take some random classes 

-don't compare yourself to anyone other than yourself

mrdistatty, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Generally echo   travel and work a random job are my top 2 choices

Whatever it is you do, don't let your time blow by just chilling on the couch. Obviously it's part of just being in college, but I do regret many of the moments I wasted doing essentially nothing, same sht different day...go have fun! If there's a "wish" from me, it's that. You won't appreciate how much free time you have right now until you no longer have it

One other thing I'd add is that if you are very career focused (prob part why you're here), I really am in favor of the "work a random job" idea if it isn't too burdensome on time + you aren't going to be in a finance internship. Countless ways to spin the experience come interview time, and it'll lead to stories and relationships that you likely would not have found going down the traditional path

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