Accepted an offer from my internship back in August, just received offer from dream company with 2x the compensation. What do I do?

My Summer Internship company has a great culture, is allowing me to continue working part-time, and is in a rapid growth phase right now. After accepting the offer I had continued to apply to 2 other companies that I would've happily accepted if my first company didn't have a deadline for their offer and now I have an accepted offer for Fall, an offer with 2x the compensation and a very good name brand for the same date (during the interview process I said that I offered to continue working for the company as I explored my options). I really don't want to burn bridges with company 1 because they are a big mover in the niche product they trade and are rapidly growing and maybe in 2-3 years down the line regulations will ease up and they'll be able to open up a prop/quant desk. 

I'm thinking of accepting the offer from my dream company (completely different location. Singapore office rather than NYC), and saying something along the lines of my Fiancé found an opportunity in Singapore and I can't stay here in NYC while she works in Singapore. I don't want to burn bridges and specifically applied to the two other firms that had offices abroad that don't intersect with my internship company so I think that's an easy way out of it. Additionally, the firm that extended an offer to me does not know I had accepted the internship company but I'm thinking if I just keep everything quiet they'll never find out where I'll be heading and there should be no issues there. What are your thoughts on how to navigate this very tricky situation? Company 1 is valuable enough to not want to burn bridges, but company 2 is offering 2x the comp, equally as good name-brand and training, and is a prop trading firm rather than a sell-side firm.


That makes it sound very easy good point. I guess I just feel bad for tossing aside some of the relationships I made with the team, but then again 2x comp on the buy-side instead of sell-side trading… additionally I have thought of the idea of asking the FT to be an internship over the summer to see if I fit the culture and they could try me out instead of diving right into FT with the dream company because it’s a prop shop and culture and fit are high priorities next to comp 


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