From MBB to S&T/quant?

Hi Everybody,

I have a weird situation and I would like some help as I am quite unsure about my future. So, for context, I have a bsc in physics engineering, I just graduated from an msc in maths from oxbridge (albeit not with top grades, I got a 2:1 rather than a distinction) and i hold a deferred offer for one of the best MFEs (msc in financial engineering) in europe (oxford/imperial). I deferred as I was completely burned out from my previous MSc, I was fed up with maths (had a lot of trouble forcing myself to study last year) and hadn't had time to prepare for interviews if I started it now. 

Now, I am in a weird situation because I think my ideal job would be in S&T (especially derivatives/exotics structuring or maybe quant/strat). However, I missed the deadlines for this year applications and so, on a whim, I decided to apply to MBB and got 2 interviews (from the B/B of MBB) in my country in continental europe as I had always been curious to try consulting. But now I am having second thoughts and I have a couple of questions:

1) How are internships in MBB seen by HR/people in S&T? I think they are good for IB but would they be good on my resume for S&T?

2) Should I go ahead with the prep for the MBB internship or maybe focus on prepping for quant internships for a couple and try to get some junior quant developer contractor role (harder than getting into mbb imho as the interviews for quant are hard af)? 

3) I know this may sound silly, but I fear that if I start working in MBB I will never have "the courage" to leave the job and go back to study to try quant/s&t (which is what I think I would like the most). I guess a part of me doesn't want to get into mbb as I fear I will just get comfortable there as it is so prestigious and never go back to trying s&t. Any inputs on this? How hard would it be to get a "deferred offer" from mbb after an internship? Like do the MBB internship then, assuming i get an offer, ask to start 1yr later, after the financial maths msc so that I would get to try s&t/quant?

Any inputs/comments are greatly appreciated. Also on MBB vs quant/structuring if anyone has any thought on that/tried both. Thanks in advance.

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