Got 0 Spring weeks. What to do now?

As the title suggests, I didn't secure any spring weeks. I come from a semi-target (UK) and am eager to pursue a career in S&T on the trading side or other quantitative roles (e.g. tech division within the bank). Currently, I am on track to participate in two trading competitions to gain experience in algo-trading and trading in general. Unfortunately, I won't be able to gain any experience in PWM in London over the summer due to circumstances. Do you have any advice on how to improve my resume and prepare for the 2024 SA application cycle? Thanks in advance.

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secretsecurities, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Does not matter, gain experience at your university (student funds, consulting etc), and apply for summer internships. 

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I didn't get any spring week, only 1 summer offer, didn't get return so had to do a 2nd summer offer to get a return, didn't get my ideal desk from the grad program so I moved at junior level.

I'm now at a top sell side doing the exact job I wanted since I was an intern, turns out I'm pretty good at it, and I'm known for it by our competitor desks.

As an undergrad from a U.K. university, your competitors are from top European business schools. Trust me, there are plenty of people who's done a 6 month placement in Europe and applying for a spring. For summer you'll face people who's done 1-2 internships already. For grad job you'll face people with double masters and a 4*6 months internships…

The entry level job market is unfair, but that difference fades 1 year into the job if you are good at it. All you need to do is to crack on, keep applying until you get one, and show then what you're worth. If you know this is what you want, don't get beaten up by rejections.

Background: U.K. target uni, BSc in science/engineering

Semi-Target Refugee, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Didn't get any spring weeks first year, partly due to not knowing about them and partly due to constantly partying.

Came back home that summer and grinded insight and networking events (virtual), got leadership responsibility, volunteered, created my own start-up and took relevant courses. By 2yr term-time, I had secured an MBB and off-cycle start-up internships. These experiences opened doors for me and made successive recruiting cycles easier. 

The take away here is Spring Weeks won't make or break your journey, recruiters take a holistic approach - and there are so many other areas you can shine through. 

If you want any guidance feel free to DM, I was in your shoes less than 2 years ago.

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Mezz Monkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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