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I currently have a few offers outstanding for some prop firms in APAC and BB's for a grad job starting in 2021. I have offers from three prop-firms (think Optiver, VivCourt, IMC, Jane Street, etc etc). However I also have an offer from a top BB firms (think Goldman, Citi etc). Which one is more prestigous, and which one will I make more money in?

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ku0n, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Comment by @WSO Monkey Bot" points toward useful links. In your position, I would not hesitate and would pick a prop trading firm, especially if it is a top one as the ones you mentioned. Not only will you get paid more, you will also have less compliance to deal with, less bureaucracy, you will be able to pick responsibilities quicker, work with brighter people, have fatter bonuses (although maybe longer hours), enjoy better perks, don't wear suits and deal with stupid corporate mindset, etc.

The only drawback of joining a prop trader is that the name will be less known out of the industry, so if your objective is to switch to a completely different sector or doing an MBA or whatever in the next few years, you should maybe consider the banks for the big name they carry. Otherwise, pick prop trading.

ironnchef, what's your opinion? Comment below:
Relatively high regulatory and other costs of operating as an LMM prompted the pullback by Goldman, one of the few large banks remaining in that role
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if u got Jane Street, go to Jane Street above all. lower turnover, great pay. if you didn't and got optiver, go to optiver. great pay, relatively high chance u get axed but it's a solid brand name.

besides that it's a wash i think. choose based on risk tolerance and pay at IMC. BB depends a lot on the desk, although I'm assuming it's a fairly quant position given where u got offers.

indebtor, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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